GORDON matta-clark's birthday
brooklyn, ny
22 june 2017

all images courtesy of not.a collective / credit nechama winston


not.a collective will host a Birthday Toast in celebration of Gordon Matta-Clark’s 74th Birthday. We will screen a selection of his rarely seen films in addition to a ceremonial cake “Splitting” and toast led by Jessamyn Fiore, co-Director of the Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark.  

In an attempt to blend art, friendship, cake and a good conversation, not.a collective has decided to begin celebrating the birthdays of artists we admire. Why birthdays? New York has countless exhibitions and vast amounts of parties - and we were searching for a middle ground between the two. Birthdays are the perfect excuse for an intimate gathering with friends, with an individualized focus on the selected artist. For our first birthday celebration we would like to dedicate the cake and toast to an artist who has highly influenced artists in New York and around the world - including our own not.a member Pablo Gómez-Uribe. 

As both an artist and an architect born in Medellin, colombia, but living in New York, Gómez-Uribe's work has been carried out by the manner in which the social and political conflicts materialize directly or indirectly in urban environments. One of Gómez-Uribe's ongoing projects is a demolition company he founded called “El Gordon Demolition” (needless to say, the name is in homage to Gordon Matta-Clark).

“Curiously, Gómez-Uribe’s company does limit itself conceptually to showing the pragmatic aspect of Gordon Matta-Clark’s architecture - that is, the transformation of waste into matter – but rather aspires to it being reused as a sort of feast for the phoenix.” - wrote curator Gabriel Rangel in her essay for the Cartagena Biennial in 2014.

While friendship, conversations, cake and drinks are very important to us, art is the crucial component of this recipe for the birthday toast celebration – and to celebrate Gordon Matta-Clark we would love to share and enjoy a selection of his timeless films.

for more information please contact info@notanyc.com 

gordon matta-clark,  fresh kill  film still, 1972. Image courtesy of the Estate of gordon matta-clark and david zwirner gallery.  

gordon matta-clark, fresh kill film still, 1972. Image courtesy of the Estate of gordon matta-clark and david zwirner gallery.