20 grand avenue,  #508
brooklyn, ny 11205
may 26 -29,  2016

all images courtesy of not.a collective / credit @personproductions

not.a.collective presents, a group show opening Thursday May 26 at 20 Grand Avenue,#508, Brooklyn, NY from 7 - 10pm. Organized as the first project presented by not.a.collective, the exhibition includes the work of Pablo Gómez-Uribe, Jeremy John Kaplan and Gergo Szinyova + an interdisciplinary performance by Kyle Dietrich, Broderick Shoemaker, Lauren Shoemaker, Chuan Xie and Daniel Yankiver taking place at 9pm sharp. brings together the work of Gómez-Uribe, Kaplan and Szinyova, three artists deeply influenced by their own cultural experiences and who have been brought togetehr by New York.

Pablo Gómez-Uribe (Medellin, 1975) trained both as an artist and an architect is interested in the way in which social, political and economic confrontations materialize in urban spaces. According to Gómez-Uribe, these events (as he calls them), leave impressions that generate  new urban an psychological scenarios. Gómez-Uribe´s work is a response to the aforementioned issues presented by contemporary cities. Gómez-Uribe´s solo shows include Todos Somos Mágicos (We are all magical), Galería de la Oficina, Medellín, 2009 and (T)HERE, Sala de Arte Suramericana, Medellín, 2013. Gómez-Uribe’s work has been included in museum and gallery exhibitions in the United States, Europe, and South America; including Susan Inglett Gallery, NYC in 2014. He lives and works in New York.

Jeremy John Kaplan (Philadelphia, 1982) studied at Temple University. His work has been exhibited in group shows in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and New York. Working independently as a curator, photographer, and writer, Kaplan has lead and contributed to public art projects, exhibitions and publications internationally. Including spearheading the Golden Nets Project in Philadelphia 2008. Narrowing his focus on artistic practice, Kaplan opened a Brooklyn studio in 2014.   

Gergo Szinyova (Budapest, 1986) received a B.F.A from the Hungarian University of Fine Art, Budapest. Gergo is recognized as one of the most promising young abstract painters in Hungary. His work has been exhibited internationally, most recently in a solo exhibition at Anat Ebgi in Los Angeles, 2015 and at LISTE in Basel, 2014, and in group exhibitions at Annarumma Gallery, Naples, 2016 and ICA-D, Budapest, 2015. Szinyova was selected as the 2016 artist-in-residence for the Art as Ambassador residency program sponsored by the Central European Institute at Quinnipiac University and is currently in residence in Brooklyn. Szinyova lives and works in Budapest, Hungary.

[1], an interdisciplinary performance marking a new phase in visual artists Broderick Shoemaker's and Kyle Dietrich's materials research in plaster and UV light. After a long period of 2-D experimentation, multi-media artist and producer Daniel Yankiver saw the material's potential to be transformed through movement. Inspired by this thought, performance artists XiaoChuan Xie (Broadway), Lauren Newman Shoemaker and Lloyd Knight (both from Martha Graham Dance Company) use their bodies as a canvas and physical vehicle to explore and challenge the lines between temporary and permanent art. The performance on May 26th is a short study for what will culminate in a full length performative piece.

About not.a collective, a collective defined by its exact opposite, is not an artist collective, not a gallery, not a group of independent curators, dealers or advisors, it is none of the above. It is simply a collaboration among like-minded people looking to expand on their interests in the creative nature of their professions, while not actually at work. In an effort to keep a fluid identity, the name not.a helps define exactly what it is not. With a commitment to the group and to the overall idea of acting on communal skills.

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all images courtesy of not.a collective / credit @personproductions